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How can I find a counsellor to see?

You will need to tell us a few details and the best way to do that is to fill out the questionnaire. It is quite simple with check boxes. It will bring up for you the counselling professional who will best match your needs.

What will happen after I fill out the questionnaire?

Once you have completed the questions and hit the search button, the program will come up with a list of one or more counsellors who best match your answers. Your job then is to look through the profiles of these counsellors and choose the one who you think will suit you best. Then you hit the button, "Request an appointment with (Counsellor's Name)". At this point we will ask you for contact details. Please provide correct details so that we can send you an email to confirm that you have requested an appointment with this counsellor. Your counsellor will then contact you by phone or email to organise a suitable appointment time for you.

What happens if I change my mind?

It is okay to change your mind. Please just let your counsellor know that you have changed your mind. If you have already made an appointment with a counsellor and then you change your mind, please contact your counsellor as soon as possible. Late cancellations may incur a cancellation fee. Please be cautious about changing your mind. If you were thinking that you needed some help, you are probably right. It maybe that you are feeling okay today but usually the uncomfortable feelings will return. The sooner you see a counsellor the more quickly you will start to return to feeling better.

I am concerned about answering a questionnaire on the internet. Who else will see my information?

When you first fill out the questionnaire, the information is completely anonymous. It is only when you request an appointment from a particular professional that you are asked for your name and contact details.