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Debi Hamilton

Debi Hamilton is a registered counselling psychologist with 20 years experience in private practice. Areas in which she particularly works include:

 anxiety including panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety
 trauma/abuse
 sleep difficulties
 WorkCover injury/rehabilitation
 life transitions post-natal depression, menopause, retirement
 prostate cancer treatment.

These services, and particularly the prostate cancer service, are described in detail on her website:

From the moment of first contact with Debi Hamilton Counselling & Consulting, you will find yourself being dealt with as a unique individual whose needs and struggles are treated with respect and focus. Debis work is individually-tailored, practical and thoughtful. Client progress and satisfaction are monitored at each session, so that you stay in charge of what you want and how you get there.
  • Carlton - Drummond St
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