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Stan Korosi

I developed Dialogue-In-Growth as a men's support service and Speakeasy Counselling as a 'unisex' approach for both men and women.

Both services encompass personal growth, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, group work, Existential and Emotion Focused Therapy for individuals and couples.

In particular, I specialise in parent-child affiliation, Parental Alienation, collaborative approaches to resolving high conflict relationships and parent-child reunification. Unfortunately, the need for the latter is often an unintended outcome of the former where this remains unresolved.

I have developed an individualised parent-child reunification programme , the aim of which is to remediate a ruptured relationship between parents and children. A large proportion of my clients who have ruptured or difficult relationships with their children end up having better relationships after engaging in this programme.

Please refer to the website for men and for men and women.

In particular, please check out my media releases and presentations.
  • Carlton - Drummond St
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