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Cyndi Darnell

Sex Therapist, Counsellor and Sex Educator

My Work

I have over 20 years experience studying and understanding sex and sexuality. No matter how you identify, what youre into, your relationship status or how you approach sex and intimacy, I work closely with my clients to develop a personal approach to addressing and teaching sexuality or exploring sexual issues and concerns. This could include discussing everything from physical experiences, fantasies and turn-ons through to relationship dynamics and fostering better communication skills to encourage you to identify where blockages may be and how you can alter your approach to working with them.

You may just want to discuss that nagging feeling that something is missing, and together we can help you identify what that might be, whilst exploring avenues for accessing life in a more sexually & erotically contented and fulfilled state.

Whilst being a specialist in sexuality and its related issues, my approach to therapy or private sessions is in working with the whole person. Sexuality is not separate from who we are, its PART of who we are. Treating the whole person is vital when exploring sexuality. This means we may need to look at how sexuality operates in your life overall, not just within a particular isolated problem or issue. Whether working with individuals or couples, when sex issues come up, they are rarely just about the sex act itself. Being trained in both counselling and sex therapy I am able to offer expert assistance with sexual concerns and can support and facilitate your journey through other connected issues.

About Me

I have always been a pleasure enthusiast.

For as far back as I can remember, my fascination with pleasure and sexuality has been part of my identity. Having travelled the world extensively in my 20s in the pursuit of self-knowledge and then my 30s exploring more introspective wonders and delights, I have come to embrace the understanding that sexuality and pleasure is not something separate from our lives, but part of our lives as a pathway to genuine wholeness, contentment and wellbeing.

My pursuit of quality sex-knowledge has led me down a variety of avenues to get the expert and diverse know-how I have today. From the dedicated hands on approach I took during the 1990s through workshops, seminars (including Sexological Bodywork and contemporary Tantra) and good old fashioned trial and error; through to the academic and clinical studies I have completed in the 2000s in both general counselling and specialist clinical sex therapy, I am thrilled to be able to bridge the world of Sexology from a variety of perspectives and approaches that embrace, understand and challenge the diversity of human sexuality.

I am also the founder and creator of Pleasure Salon Melbourne, a monthy adult to adult sex education program where the emphasis is on pleasure and practical education, not sleaze and clinical theory. More recently my educational and therapeutic skills have been heard on Australias Triple J radio program The Hack for Sex Week, as well as working with Australias most outspoken darling, Catherine Deveny, on a series of free-to-air educational podcasts about sex, pleasure and the human condition. I am also a mentor for the Minus 18 Sex Gurus health project, which provides sexuality and health information to queer and gender questioning youth.
  • Carlton - Grattan St
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