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Sylvie Braverman

I am an accredited social worker, counsellor and psychotherapist. I have been working with individuals and families since 1994.

I am a relationship counsellor and I am passionate about working with individuals and couples in helping them find new ways of relating. I believe that the quality of our relationships has a direct influence on all areas of our life including mental and physical health, our capacity to learn and work.

My work is influenced by Emotionally Focused Therapy. This kind of therapy is based on attachment and bonding theory.  Just like a baby is bonded to his or her primary carer, so are we are bonded to our partners. Knowing that they have our back, that they will be there when we call and that we are safe with them is the most important thing to a loving relationship. 

The clients I see are individuals and couples struggling with everyday concerns, such as relationship issues, family, parenting and work-related stresses: work/Life balance, life transitions and grief and loss. 

By working with me, you will be able to gain greater understanding and awareness of you and your partner's emotions and vulnerabilities. You will gain strategies to cope with and regulate these emotions effectively. You will learn to feel compassion for yourself and your loved one. 

You will learn to respond to each other's needs and vulnerabilities in a way that shows care, love and intimacy. This will be that moment which will define the bond and the safe haven in your relationship.   
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