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Julia Shay

Julia has worked as a counsellor for nine years in a variety of different settings. She has experience in working with a diverse range of issues including complex mental health, suicide prevention, relationship issues, post war PTSD and family violence. Julia is a client centred counsellor who offers presence, genuine engagement, and a deep understanding of the core wounds that can lead to difficulties in every aspect of one's life. If you are experiencing repeating problems in your relationships, family life or career, Julia can assist you to break free of these patterns, and move forward towards positive change.
Julia offers guidance and support around transitions and challenges such as career change, addictions, relationship issues, spiritual awakening, serious personal illness, and sexual identity or orientation. Julia uses a range of frameworks including strength based, life coaching, transpersonal counselling, mindfulness and narrative therapy.
Julia has been through a deep spiritual awakening which is evident in the way she perceives the deeper aspects of life. She has worked through and released many of her own core wounds, fears, conditioning and illusions. Working with Julia will help you feel heard and you will be given effective strategies to assist you on your own journey
  • Carlton - Grattan St
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