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Lisa O Loughlin

An integrated approach to psychology and nutrition counselling

Lisa is an experienced health professional who has spent many years working as both counselor and nutritionist. Lisa has developed an evidence based approach to treating obesity and weight management issues. She has a particular interest in the amalgamation of mental health and nutrition. Specializing in obesity, bariatric support, self esteem, depression and behavior modification. Lisa works for the nutrition department at one of Melbourne's leading hospitals and consults in private practice.

Lisa provides a space to reflect, using evidence based clinically proven psychological approaches including; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trans-theoretical Stages of Change (TTM), Motivational Interviewing and Person Centered Counselling. Nutritional counselling is a safe space to explore your relationship with food, breakdown any barriers to change, bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Lisa provides a sound understanding of biochemistry so you can understand what is going on inside your body, how this affects mood and behavior.

Lisa will help you to increase self worth, reduce disordered eating, address depression and frustration, getting out of that food guilt & shame cycle by putting emphasis on improving happiness and relationships.

Bachelor Degree: Social Science & Counselling, Australian College of Applied Psychology
Post Graduate Degree: Human Nutrition, Deakin University

Lisa is a Bronze Level Accredited Practitioner through the Australian Centre for Eating Disorders.

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