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Sara Li

BA Applied Social Science (Counselling)
Member of the Australian Counselling Association

Certified NeurOptimal Neurofeedback trainer (Advanced certificate)

I don't believe that people belong in boxes, I do enjoy finding something that works and seek to know why. I'm passionate about discovery, to be curious, to touch the novel and the new, to find what heals, transforms and evolves...If learning is movement, I like to be in constant motion. Continually expanding in my understanding of who we are, what we can be and how we can bring more of what we want into our lives.

I come from a humanistic background with the client centered approach of Carl Rogers as my foundation. I also draw from a range of influences and directions in theory. Other sources of knowledge and interests include; mindfulness and meditation, Buddhist philosophy, the connection between mind and body, and positive psychology among others. I have a keen interest in scientifically validated understandings. Yet, the more I seek to define in certain terms, the more I find myself struck by the persistence of wonder in our human experience.

To sit with another, to accompany them and share in a process, is a privilege.

Before having my daughter I spent time involved in counselling those dealing with symptoms of trauma, addiction, relationship and parenting support, grief and loss and deeper existential inquiry on a one to one basis. As a counsellor I have also had experience working with those from a multicultural background, having worked with asylum seekers and refugees with experiences of torture and trauma; through this I have deepened my training and understanding of trauma. This has been a gift and an honour.

  • Fitzroy North
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