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Marie McGrath

Dr. Marie McGrath, Clinical Psychologist.
MA Single Hons Psych., MSc. Applied Psych., D.Clin.Psych.

Dr. Marie McGrath is a registered Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in providing evidence based interventions to children, adults, adolescents and families. She has worked across a wide range of mental health settings over the past 10 years. Marie has completed specialized training in the areas of neurological psychology/acquired brain injury, substance misuse treatment and rehabilitation. In 2005, Marie completed her Single Honours Master of Arts at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. In 2008 she completed a Masters of Applied Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. Following on from that, she also completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Galway, Ireland in 2012.

Marie is trained in the application of a range of therapies and applies an eclectic person centered approach. She incorporates evidence based therapies and aims to tailor to the needs and personalities of her individual clients. She values the therapeutic interaction and importance of building an open, warm and safe environment for her clients. She believes that if clients feel safe and supported within the therapeutic relationship, they are more likely to achieve their therapeutic goals.

Marie has a special interest in working with teenagers and young adults presenting with mental health issues such as, anxiety based disorders, depression, suicidal ideation, self harm, grief and loss, low self esteem, sleeping and adjustment difficulties. Marie also has a special interest in the areas of post natal depression, PTSD, relational and attachment difficulties and childhood trauma.

Marie completed her doctorate thesis in the area of countertransference. She has completed further research in areas of group bipolar disorder, suicide prevention and sexuality/sexual identity issues with Intellectual Disabilities.

Since moving from Ireland to Australia, Marie has worked with Melbourne Children's Psychology Clinic and Inner South Community Health Service as a Psychologist.
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