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Belinda Horton

Meraki Counselling services are provided by Belinda Horton, Occupational Therapist and Family Therapist. Belinda has had many years experience in supporting new parents through individual and helpline counselling and support, and group work, including:

1. Psychoeducation antenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety
2. Motivational interviewing
3. Cognitive behavioural therapy including:
Behavioural interventions
- Activity scheduling (including pleasant events, mastery and time management)
Cognitive interventions
- Cognitive analysis, challenging and restructuring
- Self-instructional training
- Attention regulation
Relaxation strategies
- Mindfulness, controlled breathing
Skills development
Problem-solving skills
- Anger management
- Stress management
- Communication and social skills
- Parenting support
4. Interpersonal therapy
- attachment and trauma
- transitions to couple
5. Family of origin
6. Narrative therapy
7. Pregnancy and birth debriefing
- trauma support

Some of the many issues that new parents deal with include:

grief as a new parent loss, identity, freedom, bereavement
transitions changes for mum and for dad work, family, parenting, leisure
feeding baby emotions, challenges, joys
family of origin childhood stories, experiences, making choices
attachment so much more than falling in love with baby
finding meaning daily activities, caring for baby, dreams and visions
communication helping to get needs met and being able to meet needs
shame and stigma judgement, hiding, competitive mothers
managing depression and anxiety education, treatment, strategies, recovery
help seeking accessing and engaging with treatment and support services
managing risk talking about scary thoughts and staying safe
relationships new one with baby and adapting within existing ones
managing employment leaving work, returning to work, being a carer at work
extended family grandparents, sisters, in-laws, why is it so hard?
staying well self care, having another baby, managing relapse
storytelling in counselling and with other parents
community overcoming isolation and building shared experiences

Babies under 12 months: are welcome in appointments if necessary. Care is required for children over 12 months.

  • Essendon
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