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Jenny Hartman

With 25 years experience as a psychologist, I utilise a range of frameworks and techniques, from cognitive behavioural, to family therapy/systems, human centred and psychodynamic. I also employ mindfulness and EMDR. With extensive experience working with organisations including corporate, professional services and health, I am able to assist individuals work through many workplace issues, including career development, bullying and team development.

Counselling may be short term solution focused and cognitive behavioural therapy; where a person is seeking some immediate strategies. Medium or longer term counselling is useful where a person may desire a deeper understanding of the relationship between the "then and there", and the "here are now." This may be important in acheiving long term change in emotional well being, relationships and behaviours. It may be indicated where previous methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have not achieved long lasting results either in the emotional or behavioural realms. Such work may encompass a range of techniques including psychodynamic therapy and dream work.

I have a depth of experience in the field of trauma, from workplace incidents, natural disasters, family and violent crime; in terms of individual treatment and organisational response and system development.

As well as providing counselling and therapy to individuals and couples, I undertake workplace training in the areas of Peer Debriefing, team development and workplace facilitation/mediation. These service are provided to several large organisations

  • Carlton - Drummond St
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