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  • Carlton - Grattan St
Areas of Competence
  • Depression
  • Mental Illness
  • Relationship Problems
  • Child and Family Issues
  • Sexual Identity
  • Grief and Loss
  • Anger
  • Conflict
  • Life Transitions
  • Addiction
  • Self Esteem
  • Alternative Sexuality
  • Mediation (Family)
Client Age Group
  • Adult (27 - 70)
  • Young Adult (17 - 26)
Counselling Profession
  • Psychotherapist
  • Counsellor

Stuart Fenton

I am a psychotherapist and a qualified counsellor and I work from a mainly Gestalt perspective. I am dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals in regard to alcohol and drug addiction - especially Crystal Meth Amphetamine addiction, self esteem issues, life skills, grief and loss and more. My desire to work in this field comes from my own experiences with drug addiction, recovery, low self esteem, relationships, sexuality, identity and beliefs, body image issues and family conflict.

My background is in high school and primary school teaching. I completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling in 2008. In 2009 I received my certificate IV in Mental health. In 2012 I completed a four year course of study at the Sydney Gestalt Institute and graduated from GTS to attain a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

My Major work was on attachment theory and how we relate and communicate with others. My secondary focus was Grief and Loss and working with gay men using a Gestalt framework.

Gestalt is an existential and experimental form of psychotherapy that focuses on the individuals experience in the present moment, the relationship between therapist and client, the context and environment from which the client comes and the self regulating adjustments or the coping mechanisms a person uses as a result of their situation.

The concept of support and facilitating a person's knowledge of how they support themselves and strengthening how they do this is of the utmost importance to me in our working alliance.

As part of my work I use psychodynamic interventions, experiments and aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy as well as pragmatic skill building. I also draw upon Pia Melody's 'Relational Developmental Model' the key stone and style of therapy used at South Pacific Private in Curl Curl, Sydney.

Additionally I place great emphasis on understanding each person for who they are, their particular formative life experiences and valuing each individual without trying to pathologize how they have come to be as they are.

In regard to Crystal Meth addiction experience I am a recovering Crystal Meth addict myself with 9.5 years of abstinence. I have worked extensively at the WHOS Therapeutic Community in Sydney with ICE addicts as well as at South Pacific Clinic and have had my own practice in Surry Hills, Sydney, working one on one as well as referring on to appropriate detoxes and rehabilitation centres when that has been required. I have an excellent knowledge of the various 12 step groups and other harm minimisation options available as a compliment to the counselling work I offer. My knowledge of treatment options and approaches for this particular drug are extensive.
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