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Roger Frankel

Much of my professional life was spent in the Australian Foreign Service. I served in 5 countries and speak Spanish, Portuguese and French fluently. I have now decided to make my life experience and professional training available to fellow members of our community who may need emotional support.

I have a Masters in Social Science (Human Services-Counselling) from Swinburne University and I am a Member of the Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of Victoria (CAPAV). I am bound by their code of ethics and professional practice standards

I bring to the therapeutic relationship a capacity to make people feel at ease and confident about raising sensitive issues. The creation of a safe and trusting relationship, where problems can be openly disclosed and discussed, is the foundation stone of useful therapy. Most clients will feel much better simply knowing that they are not alone in their situation, and that the intensity of any distress they are experiencing can be attenuated through therapy.

There is no one size fits all therapeutic approach. Some clients prefer to work through their existential issues and distress in a deep exploration of their inner selves. Others are more comfortable with a solution focused approach, to deal with particular issues. Yet others are simply looking for assistance in making a difficult decision. Many of us face grief, anxiety, addictions, difficulties in relationships, chronic illness, the occasional overwhelming feeling of hopelessness and despair, and sometimes depression. Some of us need help to deal with these difficult times.

I like to work in a collaborative way with my clients, honouring their uniqueness.

Please call me to discuss whether I can provide you with the kind of support that you might need. Any contact between us is completely confidential.

BA (Hons) Monash University
M.Soc.Sc.(Human Services-Counselling), Swinburne University

  • Fitzroy North
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