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Adrian Harris

Hello. My name is Adrian and I'm an individual, family and relationship counsellor.

As a counsellor and social worker, I have devoted the past decade to building and establishing myself in the industry and currently hold 5 professional degrees in the areas of human services, counselling and psychotherapy. I have also completed hundreds of professional development hours and registered as a clinical member of the Australian Association of Social Workers and an associate member of the Australian Family Therapy Association (AAFT).

As a result of such training and experience, I'm finally opening my doors to the public for the first time in private practice.

However all of my professional experience and qualifications aside, I like to see myself as another person trying to make my way in life. My background in psychotherapy comes from the humanistic / experiential tradition which values genuineness, unconditional regard for others, empathy and self-awareness. I have also devoted the past number of years studying and practicing family therapy which enables me to incorporate humanistic, growth orientated ideas within an appreciation of context and social systems.

Currently I'm employed full time in a public service as a counsellor and social worker, so my availability is after hours, however this may change in the future.

Phone me direct: 0430071886

  • Malvern Rooms
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