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Rob Cairns

I have a background in management consulting and socio-analysis, and offer confidential services to individuals and to groups. These occur away from one's workplace and include:

One-to-one consultation sessions for senior role holders in organisations: CEOs, executives, managers and organisational change practitioners.
Professional (non-technical) group supervision for practitioners in the fields of: psychiatry, psychology and organisational development.

Clients bring their own agenda to each session. My work examines the interplay between their own experiences and the human dynamics at play in their workplace as a source of intelligence that can spark new thinking and open up new avenues to strategic goals.

I offer a reflective sanctuary that invites feelings, images, intuitions and thoughts to emerge and to be fostered through imagination and play. Detecting, holding and framing what emerges, in its subtleties, becomes the work of creating insight into challenges facing the client.

I have a Graduate Diploma in Organisational Behaviour and have lectured to undergraduate, post graduate and masters students at Swinburne and Victoria Universities. I was an Executive Member of the Australian Institute of Socio-Analysis from 2001-2004 and continue to engage, write and present in this field at various professional forums. Prior to this I was a Principal Consultant with PA Consulting Group from 1992 to 1999.

Much of my current work is helping executives and managers with their leadership and workplace cultural change challenges and aspirations.
  • Carlton - Grattan St
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